VegFest 2019 Kid Zone Activities

11:00 AM – “Eco-Friendly Jewelry Making” with Shannon Blair of 3GV Designs

Make your own hemp bracelets with sustainable wood beads!

12:00 PM – “Health Detectives” with Jenna Bardroff of Solutionary Species

Interactive workshop for kids to learn about solving the mystery of what is good to eat!

1:00 PM – “Veggie Scavenger Hunt”

Explore VegFest and earn prizes!

2:00 PM – “Kayla’s Kind Crunchy Critter Creations” with Kayla Leaming of The Save Movement

Make nutritious and delicious creative treats!

3:00 PM – “Be a Voice, Be a Hero!” with Royce Ashcroft and Imari Spigner of Noor XVII

Learn how to face your fears of public speaking and use your voice to make a difference!

4:00 PM – “Healthy Home Care for Kids” with Kevin Layton of Solutionary Events

Say no to harmful chemicals and live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle!

Ongoing Activities:

  • Mix your own eco-friendly paint (and paint on the community board)

  • Plant a seed and watch it grow! Create compostable recycled paper flower pots and grow deliciously nutritious mung beans

  • VegFest Rocks! Rock painting

  • Corn hole

  • Hula hooping

  • Potato sack racing

  • Coloring books and literature

  • Games and prizes